Thursday, January 13, 2011

CRAP! I don't know how to use chopsticks... I'M BRINGING A FORK!

32 DAYS!!!
We are no longer sitting in Brother McNeil's Integrated Science class wishing and waiting. 88 days has now become 32!
So remember in elementary school when you received the dreaded punishment of having your name written on the blackboard? Well... We definitely had our names written with check marks next to them as SOPHOMORES IN COLLEGE! We blame China... Sorry Brother McNeil, you know your name would be written on the board if you were going to China too. Let's be honest, that astronomy section was killer to sit through as well so we had to find someway to pass the time! So naturally our minds wandered back to China.
Quick update! We were switched schools and will now be teaching in Kaiyin! It is still in the same city but rather than just being solely kindergarten there will also be elementary aged kids! Now we are going to ask you to not judge our school by its cover. It may look ominous and scary but I am sure it will be filled with good times soon enough! Or so we have been told by reliable sources :)
1... 2... 3...

Isn't it a gem?
Now for the moment you have been waiting for... This is truly what makes this school even better... Drumroll please!
We will be teaching with these two lovely ladies. We met them at training in Utah and became instant friends! We were told several times to be quiet. We just hope that our little Chinese students won't give us a dose of our own medicine! Now here they are!

That's Lauren on the right in case you were wondering (The Caucasian female)... Here she is! Lauren Dalgleish! We love LaLa!

This crazy lady is Alissa Cutler! AKA Assila, which is much more fitting don't you think? We met her during training and good thing she wasn't in Brother McNeil's class... Things would have risen a few decibel levels with the 3 of us together! Can't wait to see you Assila!

There are more that will be going with us as teachers as well but for now I would say we have a great group. 
So Long!
Yours Truly,
Ansley & Shelby